VECD Licensing Made Easy/Easier

After my last blog entry regarding Microsoft VECD licensing it appears I was still confused.  Here is the way VECD licensing works (really this time).





The Clients:

          Licensing must be purchased through the Microsoft Open Value Program which is a 3yr subscription

          For desktop/laptop Clients the OS must be upgraded to Software Assurance licensing for Vista

o   If the Client OS was purchased more than 90 days ago it will need a Vista Upgrade with SA.                   

§  MFG #:  66J-01442          

o   If the Client OS was purchased less than 90 days ago it needs a Vista SA Upgrade.

§  MFG #:  66J-01287           

          For Thin Clients there is no Software Assurance licensing to worry about


The VECD License:

          Once the client is licensed correctly as described above you also need a VECD license to cover the virtual desktop.  There must be 1 VECD license per client.  Each client can connect to up to 4 concurrent VDI session at one time per VECD license.

          For Desktop/Laptop Clients:

o   VECD License

§  MFG #:  DSA-00050         

          For Thin Clients:

o   VECD License

§  MFG #:  DTA-00051         


Note:  To start an Open Value agreement with Microsoft requires a minimum purchase of 5 Microsoft Licenses in any combination.  This can be for Windows OS, VECD, Office, …..”

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One Response to “VECD Licensing Made Easy/Easier”

  1. Tim Coogan Says:

    Hi i was wondering if you could contact me in regards to some more information on VECD there are some things that i still dont understand about the licencing.


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