VMware Fault Tolerance

VMware Fault Tolerance

Currently the VMware Vi3 infrastructure has many features that make life a little easier for IT departments.  vMotion allows the hot migration of virtual machines from one host to another and allowing hardware maintenance to occur during business hours.  HA enable the automatic reboot of a VM on a new host should its primary host fail. Finally DRS allows us to load balance across multiple hosts automatically.  These features provide a lot of flexibility and can improve the overall performance and uptime of your environment but VMware is soon to release a new feature that is real cool. 

VMware Fault Tolerance (FT) will be released in the next version of the virtual infrastructure product.  In short it will provide real-time clustering for any vm’s that need it.  Anyone that has worked with Microsoft Clustering knows there are certain challenges to setting it up and managing it.  Applications also need to be cluster aware for Microsoft Clustering such as SQL and Exchange.  With FT you will now be able to cluster almost any application in your environment by simply selecting a check box.  A duplicate vm is created and runs in lock step with the primary.   I think this technology will really make clustering much easier and help to keep apps that are not cluster aware up and running.  Check out the link to the video below to see the VMware demo. 



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