WYSE Thin Clients in Your Environment

As VDI is used more and more across the enterprise, the use of thin clients becomes an obvious choice when it comes time to replace client hardware.  Some of the advantages to going the thin client route are:

          Cost – Thin clients are usually half the cost or less of a standard PC.  Prices can range from $200 to $500 generally.  Thin clients also need much less maintenance and support which is a huge cost for any company.

          Footprint – Thin clients take up a fraction of the physical footprint of a PC but more importantly they have a fraction of the carbon-footprint.  These devices usually draw around 10W of power compared to 80W+ of a PC.  If your company has hundreds or thousands of desktops this can mean significant savings on your power bill.

          Longer Refresh Cycles – because thin clients have no moving parts they don’t need to be replaced as often.  Where we see typical refresh cycles on desktops and laptops of 3 to 5 years, thin clients can go twice as long.  This also translated in to big savings for companies with a large desktop infrastructure.

There are many different manufactures for thin clients but perhaps the largest and most popular is WYSE.  WYSE makes a wide range of thin client devices from the most basic all the way up to a thin laptop client.  They also develop software specifically in this space such as their TCX Multimedia and multi-display capabilities. 

There are several “OS” choices to consider when you are looking in to thin clients for your environment.  You have 4 choices from WYSE:

          WYSE Thin OS – The simplest and lightest weight of the 4.  This is perfect for your most basic client needs.  It supports ICA and RDP protocols and is very inexpensive.  Examples:  S10, V10L

          Windows CE – The mid-range client OS which adds a local IE client and support USB CD-ROMs, ZIP drives and Smart Cards.

          Linux v6 – A full function scalable OS with a local copy of Firefox and Java.  It is fully customizable and supports all the functionality you would probably need.

          Windows XPe – The most robust of the 4.  Essentially a thinned down version of Windows XP.  Enables the ability to run local applications including video and Java.

I recently sat through a presentation from Citrix and WYSE demonstrating their latest and greatest and was very impressed.  If you are considering implementing a VDI solution for your business you should definitely check out their product line.  In most cases WYSE will give you free demo product to try-out for yourself.  www.wyse.com


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