Ubuntu and VDI

Earlier this week I decide to nuke the Windows XP OS on one of my old desktops I had laying around the house.  As with most Windows desktops it had become slower and slower and had more and more problems.  So instead of doing the annual “wipe it clean and start over” routine with Windows XP I decide to install the Linux based Ubuntu 8.10.  Let me just preface this by stating I am not a Linux guy.  I know enough to run some commands, mostly around administering VMware ESX. 

About the PC

Let’s see how can I put this gently …… this thing’s a total turd!  It’s an old Dell Dimension 4100 that I’ve had since the 90’s.  It used to be white but now it’s more of a sun faded nasty yellow.  It has a 36GB hard drive, 768MB of RAM and a wireless PCI card…..try to control your excitement. 


Download the Ubuntu software from the web, burn a CD and you’re off to the races.  Everything is GUI based so CLI-challenged individuals like myself can actually accomplish something.  Installation was actually easier and faster than installing Windows and boot time was cut in half or better (1 minute 45 seconds cold boot time).   Now if you love Microsoft Office and will only use Office and never consider using something like Sun OpenOffice…..this Utunbu thing is probably not for you.  Really I only ever use the PC for surfing the Web or connecting to web-based apps so it’s perfect and best of all its completely free…..yeah no Microsoft Licensing to deal with (bummer!).  You’ve got Firefox as a web browser and you’re good to go. 

Thin Client computing….

So I started thinking that this would make a decent semi-thin client for VDI.  I constantly run across clients with old desktop PC’s that are faced with whether to replace them or implement a VDI solution like Citrix or VMware and get a little more mileage out of the existing hardware.  I remembered reading something recently about the VMware View Open Client that was just released so I downloaded it and installed it.  In less than 3 minutes I was connected to our VMware test lab across the internet and everything worked perfect.  It also has a client to connect to Terminal Services so I could connect to our Terminal server at work if I needed to.

So if you need a very cheap way to connect to Terminal Services, Citrix or VMware View this is something to consider.

You can download the VMware View Open Client here: 



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2 Responses to “Ubuntu and VDI”

  1. tayyab Says:

    i installed ubuntu in my virtual machine. i am trying to access my ubuntu through sun ray (via VDI) but unluckly i am not.
    can u suggest some help

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