HP’s New G6 Servers

Recently HP released its newest generation of server the G6.  As an HP partner we often recommended the HP DL380 G5 and DL360 G5 for many different projects.  Now that the G6 is out I thought I’d highlight some of the changes and benefits of the new system.


          A power savings of up to 2.5 times can be achieved using HP’s Thermal Logic technology formerly only found in its Blades system.

          HP has what they are calling a “Sea of Sensors” to help manage power and cooling and prevent over-cooling in real time.


          Insight Control Suite (ICE): Delivered via a single installer and simplified licensing.

          Improved virtual machine management capabilities including:

o   Ability to see physical host to vm associations

o   Easy identification of hosts or vm’s with high resource utilization

o   Increased flexibility in the ability to move vm’s between hosts

Virtualization Technologies

          Insight Dynamics – VSE:  An integrated solution that allows you to look at physical and virtual resources in the same way.  ID-VSE is supposed to give you a more centralized, unified way to manage your infrastructure.

More Processing Power

          The G6 uses Intel Xeon 5500 series processors which provide 2x the performance of previous quad-core processors.

          DDR-3 Memory gives 2x the capacity and bandwidth while using 25% less power.

          New HP Smart Array Controllers provide up to 200% better performance.

So in summary, the new G6 offers pretty much what you would expect from a new generation of product….. faster, easier to use and more efficient.  I’ll try to follow-up with a deeper dive into the specific technologies in the new G6 in a subsequent post.


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