Why VMware ESX/vSphere Over Other Virtualization Platforms?

This week we had a client meeting where I was asked specifically, “Why should we go with VMware over Citrix or Hyper-V for server virtualization?”  It forced me to really sit down and map out what I see as the advantages to using VMware ESX/vSphere as an enterprise virtualization solution.  Let me just preface this by saying that we are partners/resellers of both Citrix and VMware and both companies make excellent products.  I’ve used and tested Citrix XenServer and the product worked great and was easy to use and let’s face it they have a very strong pricing model.  Price aside, if I was going to run my production systems in a virtual environment today they would be installed on VMware ESX/vSphere.  So in my OPINION here are some of the advantages I see to the VMware product.

–          True Enterprise Solution

  • Tested, Proven, very stable
  • 100% of Fortune 100 companies use it.  85% of them use it in Production
  • Huge investment in R&D
  • Capable of running the most I/O intensive apps

–          Higher Consolidation Ratios

  • Handles memory and resources better
    • Memory Ballooning and memory over allocation
  • Supports the most number of OS’s of any virtualization platform

–          Ease of Use

  • vCenter – Single pane of glass, simple and intuitive
  • Very configurable and customizable
  • Excellent alerts and reporting

–          Dynamic Resource Scheduling (DRS)

  • Active and automated load balancing using vMotion
  • Currently not available with other virtualization platforms

–          vMotion and Storage vMotion

  • vMotion type functionality is available with other products but with VMware it is virtually flawless and has been perfected over several versions of the product.
  • Storage vMotion to move VM’s live across storage platforms with no downtime

–          Backup / VCB

  • Better backup solution(s)
  • VCB integrates with most 3rd party backup solutions
  • Data Recovery in vSphere (new) – eliminates need for 3rd party backup software
    • De-Dupe enabled

–          Fault Tolerance (new in vSphere)

  • Real-time, zero data loss clustering solution
    • Enabled with a single checkbox

–          Thin Provisioning

  • Built in to vSphere and enables you eliminate over  provisioning of storage resources

–          vNetwork Distributed Switch

  • Centralized/Simplified management of networking
  • Nexus v1000 option – manage virtual switches like other Cisco switches
    • Excellent if your company has a Storage Team and a Network Team

–          Site Recovery Manager – automated disaster recovery

  • Only solution like it on the market.  Plug-in to vCenter
  • Simplifies DR testing, documentation and execution once replicated SANs are implemented for DR/BC

–          VDI Ready

  • Tight integration with VMware View VDI solution

–          3rd Party Tools

  • Currently more 3rd party tools available than other platforms

2 Responses to “Why VMware ESX/vSphere Over Other Virtualization Platforms?”

  1. Wondering Says:

    Nice run down. One question though… You mention 85% of fortune 100 companies use VMware in production. Do you have a source that you can cite for that stat? I’d like to be able to have that kind of information handy for some cost justification I might need to do down the line.

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