A Few Apps for your CrackBerry

I thought I’d blog about something that is very close to me (literally), the BlackBerry.  When I got to thinking about it about the only place this thing doesn’t go with me is in the shower.  During the day it’s on my hip or pressed against the side of my head and a night it is on the table next to the bed.  As much as I depend on this for both business and personal I thought I’d mention a few of the apps that I’ve come across that I find useful.

First if you haven’t upgraded your OS to version 4.5 go ahead and do it.  There are a lot of little improvements that in my opinion are worth it.  You can find instruction on how to do the upgrade at www.blackberry.com or on your cell provider’s page.  Don’t do the upgrade during the day though, mine (AT&T) took about 2 hours!

Here are just a few apps that I use to squeeze more in to my day:

Yahoo Messenger – Although I don’t use this as much as I do on my laptop, if the app works just like the one on your PC.

Google Maps – If your job requires you to track mileage like mine or if you have zero sense of direction (like me) then this is a must have.  It works with your GPS if you have one built-in to your phone to show your location within a few meters.  I also find this useful when my TomTom GPS is confused or lost because I refuse to pay $99 for updated maps, Google is much more intelligent.   http://maps.google.com

Yammer – A social networking tool that allows you to keep up with what everyone is doing.  We use this internally for work so being able to access it via the BlackBerry is much more efficient.   www.yammer.com

Anagram – This is a great tool for capturing contact information from emails and turning it into Outlook contacts.  www.getanagram.com

Quick Pull – Have you ever noticed it is difficult to truly “reset” your BlackBerry and clear out all the stuff in memory?  Pressing the power button doesn’t do it and most of the time yanking the battery doesn’t either.  This little app allows you to do a true reset of your BlackBerry.  Even better, it has a scheduling feature that allows you to schedule a daily “reboot” or your BlackBerry so it starts out clean.  I schedule mine for 4 am and it’s worked perfectly so far.  http://steelthorn.com/

Zhiing – I won’t call this one totally “useful” but it is pretty cool.  If you ever wanted to send someone your GPS location this app does a pretty good job.  It integrates with Google maps and with a few clicks you can send your location (determined by your phones GPS chip) to anyone with an email address.  http://www.zhiing.com/

All of these apps are free and most can be downloaded via BlackBerry App World on your phone.



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