Citrix XenServer and VMware vSphere – Gangs and Hypervisors!

A few weeks back I posted a blog titled “XenServer and VMware vSphere – A Cost Comparison” where I voiced my OPINION on some of the costs and features of the two hypervisors.  I was surprised by a few things very shortly after the post went up.  First, I received lots of responses so my very first thought was “man, people actually read this stuff”.  The second surprise was that I received something I had never got before…….. hate mail…… cool.

Now, it is no big secret that I’m a big fan of the VMware hypervisor (they’ve got great Cool Aid) and I’ve stated before that I think (again my OPINION) that it is the best choice for running production environments.  Does that mean that I think Citrix has a “bad” product? Absolutely not.  I’ve installed and used XenServer and it is a very good product and a very viable alternative to VMware.   In my previous post I merely tried to point out SOME of the costs associated with each product.  Conclusion:  At the end of the day, VMware IS more expensive, no question.

So, let’s get back to the hate mail.  Most of the responses I received were good, constructive and brought up valid points of comparison between the products.  Those responses got approved and posted for all to see (thanks for the feedback guys).  The other responses that threatened to blow up my house, eat my dog, described me with all kind of colorful adjectives and even made references to farm animals (to that guy….there’s only one N in donkey man!), those comments obviously didn’t get posted.  Sorry. 

I got to thinking, “man what did I write to pull all the crazies out of the woodwork”?  It wasn’t like I called their baby ugly or said “Windows is the best OS ever” (I bet that’d generate some hate mail).  As I tallied all the responses over a few weeks one common denominator stood out, ALL of the hate mail…….yup, from Citrix fanatics.  Not one evil comment came from the VMware community, even after I basically said “yeah Citrix is cheaper than VMware”. 

So despite the death threats, I’m still sticking with VMware for my hypervisor of choice.  As for the “but XenServer is FREE” rebuttal that keeps coming up, you need to look at it and decide for yourself what your true cost of ownership is and if it makes sense for your business.  If cost is the only consideration, run XenServer.

All that being said, if the hypervisor debate ever got physical……..I’m rollin’ with the Citrix gang because they’re the most likely to bring a gun to a knife fight! 

Obviously I still can’t /won’t post comments with questionable language, threats or the word donkey misspelled but short of that fire away (figuratively speaking)!

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