VMWorld 2009 – DAY 1

Ok, so here we go.  1st off I am really excited just to be here.  10,000+ virtualization nuts in one place has got to be interesting.  2nd, the whole east coast, west coast time difference thing REALLY bites.  I love me some VMware, don’t get me wrong, but not enought to be motivated to roll down to the convention center at 4 am, which is what my brain thought was really 7 am.  Oh yeah, and to my sales rep who called me at 8 am east coast time…..I’ll be calling you back around 11 pm west coast time!

So on to the conference.  My first session this morning was all around competitive advantage or “Hyper-V smack down!” whichever you prefer.  VMware must be feeling the heat cause, WOW, lots of anti-Microsoft inuendo (no complaints here by any means though).  There was lots of focus around the “Cost per Application” vs just the cost of licensing.  Basically the short of it was that if you look at the cost per application VMware really isn’t more expensive than those “free” hypervisors.  Of course there was some obvious marketing spin but overall most were very valid points that clients need to consider.

Session 2 – Getting to Yes, Keys to Launching a Successfu Datacenter Virtualization Program

This session was really geared toward the financial/executive audience such as CIO’s and Directors.  The presentation was given by the Executive Director of IT for the MGM Mirage casinos in Las Vegas (yeah, I’d be down with that job).  He did a really good job of laying out what IT executive need to think about and plan for when embarking on any IT virtualization project.  I had a gap in my schedule and this was the only session available but it gave some good insight into the decisions our clients face everyday.

Session 3 – The Partner Track

This was a session strictly for partners.  3 hours long but a very good overview of VMware’s focus going forward and the importance of their partners around the world.  First was and intro by the CEO of VMware.  He concentrated on the industry as a whole and VMwares drive to simplify IT infrastructure.

 Next was a VP of the Server Business Unit.  There was a strong focus of how vSphere is now a “Datacenter Platform” instead of just server consolidation. 

There was a presentation on VMware View and the goal to be a top player in desktop virtualization.  PC over IP was mentioned a few times but nothing too technical.

Finally there was segment on pulling it all together, improving competencies as a partner and soon to be implemented initiatives including simplifying licensing renewals.

Sorry, there’s nothing more technical today but it is what it was.  More to come.  Stay tuned…..


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