VMworld 2009 – DAY2

Busy day yesterday so I didn’t get a chance to post this earlier.  I also managed to loose all my notes so I’ll try to go from memory and try not to hurt myself in the process.

The first session yesterday was Tips and Tricks for Configuring VMware View Composer.  It was a pretty good deep dive on the things to watch out for when configuring persistent and non-persistent pools.  There was also a good bit of discussion around the various maximums View can handle.

The second session was all about the new PCoIP protocol.  This was really cool stuff.  The short of it is that PCoIP will really enable VMware to compete, especially against Citrix ICA, on both LAN and WAN performance. PCoIP will work as both software or in conjuction with Teredici hardware solutions.  WYSE is releasing a PCoIP thin client that uses the Teredici hardware solution.  I saw this at their booth and it is impressive.  Now pretty much any PC workload can run virtualized even CAD apps and other graphics intensive applications.  At the end of the presentation the presenter said ” and by the way I ran this entire presentation from a View desktop (hosted on the east coast)”.  You really couldn’t tell the difference.

The third session of the day was all about the Cisco, EMC, VMware relationship and the vision of what datacenters going forward will look like and how the 3 companies have been working together toward the same goal.  There was discussion around how everything works together with the new features in vSphere.  There was a short demo of EMC Ionix that was really cool and some good general info on Cisco UCS.

The final session for the day was all about designing VMware View for the Enterprise.  This was really good.  We walked through just about every consideration from the ESX cluster configuration to the configuration of pools and parent images.  I had about 4 pages of notes by the end so to say the least I’m slightly pissed I lost them.  Hopefully I’ll find them today.

After that it was off to the EMC Partner party at a local night club (yeah this had something to do with me loosing my notes!).  Got to meet a few EMC techical guys from Europe amoung others.  EMC definitly has the whole entertainment thing down pat.


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