VMworld Day 3 and Day 4

VMworld – Day 3

Another day of sessions.  The frist round of the day started with a presentation on the new Data Recovery feature in vSphere.  For those of you not familiar with this, it is a backup solution built right in to the vSphere product.  It is really designed more for the SMB space and not for environments with hundreds of vm’s.  Our engineers had some issues with the first few configurations of this feature but I think the bugs have been worked out and it is a good backup solution for smaller shops.

Next up was a presentation on deploying the Cisco 1000v.  To say the least the session was packed but unfortunately the presenter was, well, pretty dry and boring.  All that aside the session was pretty good.  Not a lot of new news for me but some decent info on the architecture and capabilities.

The last session for the day was Re-architecting Backup and Recovery for Virtual Environments.  It was given by a guy from The Burton Group.  I was amazed at how many people showed up for this session.  As the presenter put it, “this stuff is boring, I assume you are all here because backup sucks and you want to know how to fix it.”  He was right.  Overall it was a really good session.  Lots of discussion around things to look out for and all the various options and solutions available for vm backups.

After the sessions were done it was party time.  This year VMware hired Foreigner as the band.  Awesome concert, amazingly they sounded as good as they did 20+ years ago.  Oh yeah, did I mention all the free food and beer you could handle …… always a plus in my book!

VMworld – Day 4

Final day here at VMworld.  Nothing to earth shattering to report.  Hit a few of the vendor booths in the morning.  Talked to the guys from Atlantis Computing and saw a quick demo of their ILIO product.  Hit a technical session on VMware Fault Tolerance which was pretty good.  After that I had two separate sessions on running tier 1 databases (SQL and Oracle) on vSphere.   Finally I hit a session on SRM architecture and road map ahead.  There are a bunch of tweaks scheduled for the next release (support for vSphere, roll-back, improved storage visibility

So there you have it.  Now all I have to do is get up at 3am and head to the airport for my way too early of a flight back to Raleigh.


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