EMC Storage Viewer Plugin for vCenter

If you have EMC as your storage platform and VMware vSphere or ESX 3.x as your virtualization platform there is a handy little plug-in from EMC that can help make life a little easier for you.  Afterall when you have to deal with everything from “it won’t print!” and “I just deleted my entire departments file directory, can you restore it?” to “that supervirus.exe attachment seemed like something cool so I just double-clicked it” who couldn’t use a few tools to make things easier right?  I’m talking about the EMC Storage Viewer plug-in. 

In a nutshell, the plug-in gives you greater detail and ease to see which vm’s are tied to which datastores and which LUNs they reside on inside the storage array. There are a couple versions available depending on if you’re running ESX 3.5 or vSphere and best of all they’re free!  They can be downloaded with you’re EMC PowerLink account.  Now for those of you who’ve used PowerLink before, well, lets just say it isn’t the easiest place to find stuff so let me save your searching:   From the HOME page goto Support > Product and Diagnostic Tools > Symmetrix Tools > Symmetrix Tools for VMware. 

Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel here let me just point you Chad Sakac’s blog where he has all the details of the product and even a cool short video to walk you throught the install.  You can view it here:


So if you have EMC Clariion or Symmetrix and VMware check out the Storage Viewer plug-in for vCenter soon.


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