Windows 7 – First Impressions

I was able to install Windows 7 a few weeks ago and so far I’ve been impressed.  Originally I was running regular Windows Vista 32-bit which wasn’t exactly horrible but the only way I could really come to deal with it was to make it look and behave as much like Windows XP as possible.  I was a little hesitant to reload my entire laptop with Windows 7 mostly due to the 70+ pieces of software I had to load back on it and the time associated with doing so.  None the less, my original install of Vista had become painfully slow and was having more and more issues daily and I had finally had enough and went ahead with starting over with Windows 7 64-bit.

The install was very simple and straight forward and took around an hour to complete.  Once the OS was loaded I started reloading software and to my surprise just about everything worked fine including some pretty old crappy programs that I can’t seem to get away from having to keep.  There were only two software issues that popped up that surprised me.  One was the HP Solution Center software that runs my OfficeJet All-In-One.  This thing wouldn’t work at all and there is still not any updated software available from HP which kind of surprises me but oh well.  The good news is there is enough native functionality built-in to Windows 7 to allow me to do most of what I need to from a print/fax/scan standpoint.  The second piece of software that created a bit more of an inconvenience for me was the inability to connect to a VMware View session.  Hopefully this will be resolved soon but for now I’m up the creek.

As for performance and usability of Windows 7 it has been really good so far.  I haven’t had any major problems yet and the speed of the new 64 bit OS is definitely improved as you would expect.  Everything is very configurable and intuitive.  There are lots of new shortcuts and little features that I’m still learning but there are plenty of links out there on the web to help you out.  Here’s one that I’ve found useful so far:

I know lots of people who delayed implementing Vista in their environments in the hopes of something better with Windows 7.  From what I’ve seen so far I’d say that was a great decision.  I wouldn’t say it has enough improvements and innovations to win over you crazy Mac users yet but if you’re a Window person its worth giving Windows 7 a look.


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