New DD’s

That would be Data Domain  I’m talking about, so get your minds out of the gutter.   

Late last week we sat down with one of the local Data Domain technical guys to go through the new product line and dive a little deeper into the technical details and the feeds and speeds of the new products. Today I’m going to concentrate more on the midrange offerings which include the DD630 (replacing the DD530) and the DD610 (replacing the DD510). So what’s new and improved? Since Data Domain appliances are basically a server with disks, memory and processors they’re technology gets better just like servers. That being the case, as you would expect, the capacities and speeds have improved with the latest generation of appliances. Here are just some of the highlights of the new offerings:

– Faster single socket, dual-core processors. Data Domain is processor-centric so as processor performance increases so will DD.

– Small 2U rack density 

– 1TB SATA, 7200 RPM drives for the 630 and 500GB for the 610

– New drive configurations:

o Previous generations used up to 15 disks in one of two configurations

 15 Disk RAID6 config

 9 Disk RAID6 config with a 6 Disk Upgrade that could occur later

o New 610/630 consist of a 12 disk array in one of two configurations

 12 Disks RAID6

 7 Disk RAID6 + 5 Disk RAID6 upgrade

– Max Usable Capacities:

o 610 (7 Drives) = 1.6TB   (12 Drives) = 3.98TB

o 630 (7 Drives) = 3.6TB (12 Drives) = 8.4TB

– Up to 20 Write or 16 Read concurrent data streams for the 630 and 16/4 for the 610.

If you are still stuck backing up to tape and reaping all the joy and happiness that the 50 year old technology brings with it you should take a serious look at Data Domain. It is faster, more reliable, cheaper in the long run and best of all, requires almost no change to your existing backup software or policies.


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