What’s new from EMC?

What can I say, I just don’t have much to blog about this week and am struggling to find something worth talking about.  That being the case I thought I’d point out some new things that EMC has released in the past few weeks. 

For those of you doing backup to disk or storing lots of data on SATA the new 2TB SATA drives are now available for your Clariion or Celerra platform.  This is good news if you are approaching capacity on your current system.  One thing to note is that the drives are only available in 5400 rpm and not 7200 rpm like the 1TB drives.  This probably won’t be a huge issue for most shops utilizing SATA but it is something to be aware of.  So the big questions is probably “well how much do they cost?”.  The short answer is….. less than 2x the cost of the 1TB drives (barely).   Drive cost is one thing but another thing to consider is the cost of an additional disk tray.  If you consider the $5000 – $6000 cost of the tray itself the 2TB drives may make even more sense.

The second announcement is on the Avamar product line.  The new 3.3TB GEN3 nodes are now available.  The new capacities will obviously give you more storage with fewer nodes in the case of RAIN configured multimode systems.  3.3TB is kind of a strange capacity but the good news is that you only have to license 3TB and get the .3TB “free”.  The 1TB and 2TB are also now GEN3 and still available as before. 

Anyway, sorry for the less than exciting post this week, but have a great holiday next week.


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