Rainfinity FMA/VE

Recently EMC released Rainfinity FMA/VE.  VE stands for Virtual Edition.  So now instead of a hardware/appliance based file management and archiving platform you can run it as a VM in your existing VMware environment.  You can use FMA/VE to archive older data from you NAS to cheaper tiers of storage or a CAS device like EMC Centera.  Also, FMA/VE works with other NAS vendors such as NetApp. 

By putting your FMA solution inside of VMware you can now take advantage of some of the features within VMware.  Typically the appliance based solution for FMA would require and HA configuration which adds rack space and cabling.  Now with a virtual FMA you can take advantage of the HA features within VMware itself.

The only real drawback I could find with FMA/VE is the amount of files that can be processed.  An FMA appliance can handle 200-250 million files where the VE version of the product can process 50-75 million.  Even still, that is a bunch of files.  For most mid-size companies those limits won’t come into play.



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