EMC Tools for Apple iPhone …… and a few other apps I’ve discovered.

Well, I finally had to give in and get with the cool crowd and replace my severely beaten Blackberry with an iPhone last week.  After reluctantly loading my least favorite application, Apple iTunes, on my PC I started my hunt for apps to load it up with.  Late in the week one of my co-workers had told me about a SAN design tool app for the EMC Clariion platform called SANcalc.  Basically it will allow you to do basic SAN layout and design and based with specified RAID Groups and drive configurations.  It will even account for the vault space if needed.  You can configure the following Clariion platforms:

–          AX4

–          CX3-10, 20, 40, 80

–          CX4-120, 240, 480, 960

Once you have everything the way you like it you can a basic summary report via e-mail.  If you do any kind of work with EMC storage design and have an iPhone, check it out.  

So that takes care of the IT type stuff, now on to some more  useless but far more entertaining apps you should definitely check out.

First, iSamJackson.  If you like Samuel L. Jackson movies you have got to get this app.  There are two versions, the clean and the dirty, so depending on your tolerance for less than pleasant words and phrases pick whatever fits you.  What does the app do?  50+ endearing comments and phrases from Sam himself.  Like I said, useless, but it will keep you laughing and brighten you day.

Second, the Lil Jon app……what can I tell you I like Rap and Hip Hop music so I had to get this one.  Same premise as the iSamJackson app but with phrases from Lil Jon heard in his music. Again, useless but very entertaining and great for heckling Account Executives during presentations at the company meeting!

Happy iPhoning!


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