The New WYSE P20 Thin Client – Hardware PCoIP

I got the chance to play around with a new WYSE P20 thin client today at our lab.  The new P20 is designed specifically to take advantage of the new PCoIP technology found in VMware View 4.  What makes this thin client different is that is optimizes performance using a dedicated HARDWARE PCoIP engine from Teradici instead of software.  These devices are designed for the high end user that say may be doing CAD or video editing, or maybe the CEO that demands the highest performance out of his YouTube videos.

As thin clients go it really isn’t any different than most.  It’s roughly the same size as a typical WYSE thin client.  I did notice it generated a little bit more heat but nothing unusual.  The device was setup up and running when I got there so I can’t speak much to the initial setup but it can’t be that complicated.  At the VMware View login screen there is a drop down menu where you can choose either PCoIP or RDP protocols so I chose the latest and greatest and took it for a spin.  Of course the first thing I wanted to know was how well does it handle video, so it was off to you YouTube I went.  I found the trailer to the new movie “From Paris With Love” with John Travolta (what can I say I liked Saturday Night Fever too!).  I was expecting at least a little jitter but nothing.  It was as good as if I was watching it straight from my laptop.  Next I loaded up Netflix and fired off a streaming movie.  Here I could see a slight difference over what you would see on a laptop or your TV but it still wasn’t bad.  I could have easily watched a full movie on it without getting annoyed. 

Ok so now the real question, How much does it cost?  Well…… you could guess it’s not a $300 V10L.  The list on the new P20 comes in at $499 which I guess could be worse.  Are you going to deploy 500 of these things to everyone in your environmen?  Probably not, but for special use cases like CAD designers or other graphics intensive users this may be a very good solution.


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2 Responses to “The New WYSE P20 Thin Client – Hardware PCoIP”

  1. rbrambley Says:

    Thanks for reporting on the video testing of PCoIP!

    Just curious what the specs are on the VM you connected to (vRAM, vCPU, etc), and if the PCoIP performance degrades/improves based on ESX and VM resource availability?

    • bcalfo Says:

      Thanks for the comments. The View session I was running had – 1 vCPU @ 2.00Ghz, 1GB vRAM, Windows XP SP3. I didn’t pay much attention to the Host resources but our lab environment was not very heavily utilized at the time of my testing.

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