WYSE Pocket Cloud – Thin Client Computing For Your iPhone

I finally bit the bullet and downloaded the WYSE Pocket Cloud application from the App Store.  My hesitation…….at $29.95 it’s not exactly the cheapest app you can find.  I have to say however that after I downloaded the app it was well worth the money.  I had tried several other RDP type clients for the iPhone and none of them even came close to the functionality of the WYSE solution.  The Pocket Cloud is compatible with both RDP and VMware View 4 and supports encryption.

So what makes it different/better than other RDP apps?……The ability to actually use it.  Most apps I have used make it impossible to use the desktop once is has been resized to fit a small mobile device screen.  WYSE solves this with an innovative mouse pointer that allows you to accurately move and click the mouse even on the smallest objects.  Combine this with the ability to zoom and rotate on the iPhone screen and you have a very usable application.  Now would you want to try and do 4 hours of work and network administration on it?  Definitely not, but if you are an administration you probably have times that you wish you could login to the network quickly to perform quick tasks like restarting a machine or a service when you don’t have your laptop nearby.  For times like this, this app is perfect.

As cool as this app is, what I’m really looking forward to is using this app on the new Apple iPad when it is released in March.  The larger screen should make this a great thin client device.  There is already talk of its development. Read more here:  http://www.crn.com.au/News/166152,wyse-talks-up-apple-ipad-as-thin-client.aspx

If you want to check out more about the WYSE Pocket Cloud check out the WYSE site here:  http://www.wyse.com/products/software/pocketcloud/index.asp


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