RecoverPoint/CE – What’s that?

Recently we’ve had some clients interested in the ability to geographically separate some of their Microsoft clusters.  Honestly I wasn’t aware that EMC even had a product to enable this until one of my colleagues mentioned RecoverPoint/CE.  So I did a little reading and thought I give a brief summary of what it is and how it can benefit you.  RecoverPoint/CE is an add-on software package to RecoverPoint.  The “CE” stands for Cluster Enabler and it essentially integrates RecoverPoint with your Microsoft Failover Clustering software to allow geographically dispersed cluster nodes in your environment.  RP/CE will manages the cluster failover between your production and DR storage systems using RecoverPoint API’s.

So what are some of the advantages to doing this?  Most importantly….higher availability and a reduced Recovery Time Objectives (RTO).  CE enables your clusters to automatically manage app failover and manage resources.  Should a failure take place the amount of time required to get your app back online is greatly reduced.  There could also be a reduction in the amount of hardware and software resources required.  In many environments there would be a Microsoft cluster in the production and then another clustered environment at the DR site.  Now with the ability to geographically disperse the nodes, DR becomes both cheaper and easier. 

From a cost perspective, CE is not terribly expensive but it is licensed based on capacity of your existing RecoverPoint environment.  If you have multiple sites and run Microsoft Clustering it is definitely worth taking a look at.  If you want deeper technical detail around RecoverPoint/CE check out the EMC website or do a quick Google search on the product. I did find a YouTube video that gives a quick demo of the product.  There is no sound but it at least shows how the product works.  Check it out here:



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