EMC Networker – The Install

This past week I tasked myself with getting Networker 7.6 setup in our lab.  The long term plan is to get it integrated in to our entire environment which includes Celerra NAS’, Avamar, Data Protection Advisor, DataDomain, etc, etc.  The cool thing is that Networker can act as your single pane of glass to manage all your backups and backup targets like tape, disk and source or target dedupe device.

To be honest it’s been years since I’ve even had to touch any kind of backup software and generally speaking I’ve always tried to avoid being the guy responsible for backups.  That being the case I wasn’t exactly looking forward to setting up Networker from scratch.  Now I probably should have done some research  read some white papers on the correct way to do the install but that was too obvious.  I went with the slap the CD in and start hitting NEXT approach.  I’m sure nobody reading that has ever done that though.  I had heard stories about how the old Networker was complicated and difficult to use so I really wanted to see how easy and intuitive the new and improved Networker was to install and use.

To my pleasant suprise everything went off without a hitch.  I installed the Networker for Windows 7.6 in less that 15 minutes.  Everthing was menu driven and with the exeption of one or two screens everthing was really just Next, Next, Next.  Even the roll out of the agents was extremely simple.  A quick discovery process and a few check boxes and you’re off to the races.  I was able to get a couple standard agents deployed and configured in a few minutes.

Next steps will be to get Avamar and DataDomain integrated as well as setting up the ability to backup to the EMC Atmos cloud.  More to come.


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2 Responses to “EMC Networker – The Install”

  1. Skip Says:

    Hello. I am curious if you were using NetWorker FastStart ?

    Thank you,

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