iPad 3G w/ WYSE Pocket Cloud – First Impressions

Finally!  The wait is over.  My $750 iPhone on steroids finally arrived this morning.  I must have been smokin’ crack when I decided that was the best thing to do with my money but none the less it is a pretty cool device.  Will the “oooh shinny” factor wear off quickly?  Time will tell but I figure worst case my wife just got and iPad for surfing the web and I’m back to lugging my 5 pound laptop everywhere.

After about 10 minutes of pulling it out of the box everything was up and running.  This thing really is pretty idiot proof (no wise ass comments please).  I had all my software loaded, pictures sync’d, e-mail accounts setup, 3G purchased (very easy) and WYSE Pocket Cloud accounts configured in no time at all.

The whole point behind buying my iPad was to reduce the amount of time I had to rely on having my laptop with me while traveling for appointments and events.  Many of the apps my company uses could be access through web portals and web apps but some of the apps I needed access to have to run on a PC.  Once I heard tell of the WYSE Pocket Cloud for the iPad it was a done deal.  I had the WYSE Pocket Cloud app on my iPhone and it worked really well, better than any remote access software I had used, but you still couldn’t get around the difficulties of working on a screen less than the size of a dollar bill.

To say the least the WYSE app was the first one I fired up on my new iPad.  First impression……..!@#$%!  I wasn’t disappointed.  The extra screen real estate makes all the difference in the world.  Navigating around my XP session was very easy and clicking on icons via the touch screens was very accurate.  My first connection was done through the wireless at my house.  Connection times and performance were as good as most PC based clients I’ve used.  I used both a VMware View session and an RDP session and both were very good.   Later I tried it using the AT&T 3G connection with 5 bars of service (granted with AT&T that means nothing sometimes).  The biggest difference was the connection time to my VMware View session.  For some reason it takes much longer to connect to View via the WYSE client than with an RDP session.  I had had this same problem on my iPhone.  I’ll have to do some checking to see if it is a problem with the WYSE client or something with our View environment.  Once the connection was established (10 – 15 seconds) everything performed great.

Will the iPad be a replacement for my laptop? Never.  If you buy one for this purpose you’re probably pissing your money away.  Does it bridge the gap between working strictly from your iPhone/Blackberry and hauling your laptop everywhere?  Definitely.  By add the WYSE Pocket Cloud you can bridge the gap even more by now having functional access to a full Windows desktop if you need it.  Is the WYSE app worth $30?  For iPhone……maybe.  For iPad……you bet.

At the end of the day the iPad/WYSE Pocket Cloud combination make for a very powerful thin client device.  I can definitely see the uses for it growing, even in certain corporate environments like hospitals.  So if you get a chance check out Apple’s latest inventions and see what you think.


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One Response to “iPad 3G w/ WYSE Pocket Cloud – First Impressions”

  1. pam domingue Says:

    HOW DO YOU SET THIS UP!!!!! Thanks! having trouble finding directions for pocket cloud.

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