iPad Road Trip

I know I know. Another iPad post?  Well yes, but it should be the last for a while so bear with me. This week I ended up going on a quick overnighter up to Boston for some EMC seminars at EMC World so I finally got a chance to put my new toy to the test.  The object was to try and make it thought the entire trip without firing up my laptop.  In short, mission successful.

The more I use this thing the more addicted I get to it.  The most impressive thing has got to be the battery life.  I used this thing in excess of 6 hours starting at 8 am and by the time I got off the plane at 11 pm I still had about 35% battery left.  The entire time (with the exception of the 2 hour flight) I had the 3G receiver running.  Aside from battery life there are a few other benefits that I’ve discovered:

  • Airport Security: Yep, everyone’s favorite TSA.  You know the routine, take your laptop out of the bag, put it in the gray bin, strip naked and walk through the metal detector.  Good news with the iPad…..no need to remove it from the bag.
  • Weight: iPad < 1lb    IBM Think Pad 4 lbs.
  • Easy Airplane Use: Slide it in the seat back in front of you like a magazine.  It takes up almost no space and you don’t have to keep going in and out of the overhead compartments.
  • All in one solution: Music, Games, Business apps all in a handy little package.

Despite all of these benefits there is one real downside and that is the keyboard.  If you turn it landscape you can type on it like a normal keyboard but the lack of key feedback to your fingertips make it quite a challenge to type efficiently.  I got better with practice but let’s just say you wouldn’t want to write your thesis on it.

There are a handful of apps that I’ve discovered and used that make the iPad a very powerful business tool and a cool toy:

  • IM Apps: I use Yahoo IM but there is a client available for most services
  • WYSE Pocket Cloud: I’ve raved about this enough already.
  • Citrix Receiver: If you have a Citrix Infrastructure in your corporate environment this little app is really cool.  Right up there with the WYSE Pocket Cloud.
  • GoToMeeting: We use this internally and the iPad client works as good as the PC Client.
  • WebEx: Also works very nicely
  • Dropbox: Handy service for sharing files between multiple computers and platforms.
  • Evernote: Pretty good note taking app.  Much better than the one Apple includes.
  • Penultimate: White boarding application.
  • Angry Birds HD: About $5 and addictive as hell.  Check it out…..trust me.

Ok, so that should be my last iPad pitch for a while.  In summary………great device and well worth the money in my opinion.


One Response to “iPad Road Trip”

  1. nashwj Says:

    iPad weighs 1.6lbs. 🙂

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