The Citrix Receiver – Nice App!

Ok, ok, so I said I’d try to lay off the iPad posts but…….I lied…..kind of.  The Citrix Receiver is lightweight app that allows you to connect to your Citrix environment from virtually ANY device.  In my case, you guessed it, the iPad.  So all you Citrix haters and Apple haters (yeah I used to be one of these) you may want to switch back to watching re-runs of Sponge Bob now.  For the rest of you, read on.

Recently I’ve ranted and raved about the WYSE Pocket Cloud over a few previous posts so I’ll be comparing the Citrix Receiver to that.  As a whole I’d have to say the Citrix Receiver is just as good.  A few things it does better and a few things could be improved.  Just like WYSE the Citrix Receiver is another app that allows you to connect into your environment, whether it be virtualized apps (XenApp) or an entire desktop (XenDesktop).  Honestly it was the XenApp functionality that I liked the best due to the way it allowed you to utilize Microsoft Office apps like Word and PowerPoint on the iPad but more about that in a minute.  So let me walk you through my experience with the Receiver app up to this point.

To get the app is simple, hit the Apple AppStore and download it for free.  Citrix did some really good marketing here.  When you open the app for the first time there is a free Citrix session you can connect to that gives you a good demo of the product.  When you login to the session you’ll be able to play around with apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and even see some more graphics intensive apps like AutoDesk with 3D renderings.  All these apps are published from XenApp.  Now getting PowerPoint presentations to present well on iPad is a bit of a challenge but when I fired up PowerPoint 2010 on Citrix and ran through the promotional Citrix preso it was damn impressive including slide builds and transitions.  The same went for Word and Excel.  For the 1st few weeks this was all I really had to play around with as far as the Citrix iPad app went so I really wasn’t too compelled to blog about it.  Then at the end of last month I was up at a regional IT conference where the guys from Citrix had a demo environment setup with all the bells and whistles.  I talked to one of the technical guys I know and he set me up with access so we could access their booth from our booth.

In this environment I not only had access to a XenApp environment with published apps and desktops but a full XenDesktop environment running Windows 7 virtual desktops.  XenDesktop worked like a champ.  Pretty much all the functionality I could get out of VMware View on WYSE Pocket Cloud and very good performance.  My only minor complaint was the lack of a touch screen simulated mouse like on the WYSE software.  Some smaller items were a little difficult to click but other than that not a big deal.

There is no question that Virtual Desktops are going to be more and more prevalent in the immediate future.  Being able to work from anywhere and from any device is a great byproduct of this type of technology.  Citrix has done a great job of making this a reality and making it work very well.  So whether you have a Citrix environment now or are thinking about going down that path, check out the power of the Citrix Receiver and how it can benefit you and your organization.


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