EMC Celerra CIFS Share Management – Two Ways To Skin A Cat

First off, the “Skin a cat” thing is just a figure of speech so if you’re a cat lover don’t report me to PETA.  I would never do something like that…….well…….unless the damn thing bit me or really pissed me off, then all bets are off!  Actually I’m sure this will make good FUD for the competitors.  Now on top of all the EMC stories we hear like, “EMC kills puppies and kicks old ladies down the stairs” they can add “they skin cats too!”.  Barbarians!

Anyway on to the EMC stuff.  This week I’ve had to do a few demo’s showing some basic functionalities of the Celerra platform.  The one thing most people do with a NAS solution is to manager their Windows CIFS shares.  So to demonstrate how easy this process is I created a short Youtube video which illustrates how do this both using Celerra Manager and Windows MMC.  Check it out below.


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