Figuring Out Your Replication Bandwidth

Replication in the IT space is pretty common place.  We replicate just about everything from SAN’s and NAS arrays to backup appliances.  Eventually during discussions around replication the “how big of a pipe do I need” question has to be addressed.  To figure this out is not complicated but it can be a pain to convert everything into the correct units.  In the case of replicating Avamar or DataDomain arrays we just need to find out what the daily change rate of the data is and how much time the client has available for replication.  Below are some approximate numbers that should help make the math quicker and easier.

Using a T1 as a baseline:

T1 = 1.544 Mb/sec = 10MB/min = 600MB/hr

In 1Mb/sec Increments:

1Mb/sec = 7MB/min = 420MB/hr

2Mb/sec = 14MB/min = 840MB/hr

3Mb/sec = 21MB/min = 1260MB/hr

4MB/sec = 28MB/min = 1680MB/hr

Keep in mind these are theoretical maximum numbers but from here you can roughly figure out either what size pipe is needed or how much time is needed to accomplish your replication goals.

Here are also a few usefull links:

Data Transfer Link Converter

T-Carrier Descriptions


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