Say YES to Cisco UCS

If you have been thinking about implementing Cisco UCS in your environment there is no better time than NOW.  Just recently for the 4th quarter of 2010 Cisco has released several new bundles designed to save you a bundle and get started with UCS.  The bundles are called YES Bundles and offer SIGNIFICANT savings over ordering these systems any other way.  So what exactly is available?  Here you have it:

Value B200 YES Bundle


Performance B200 YES Bundle


Value B230 YES Bundle

Value B250 YES Bundle

Performance B250 YES Bundle

vBLOCK 0 YES Bundle

These bundles only are good for orders booked with Cisco by 12/23/2010 so if you’ve seen Cisco UCS and liked what you saw now is definitely the time to take a harder look at it.  I can’t quote pricing here but believe me when I tell you that the pricing is unbelievable and that these bundles will save you thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars.  Contact your favorite Cisco reseller for more information and pricing.


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