Finally – RecoverPoint Replication Licensing Made Simple

Replicated SAN/NAS arrays is certainly nothing new.  In fact it is pretty much the standard nowadays for most IT departments.  Replicating EMC arrays has never really been complicated but there were several options for doing it.  If you had a Symmetrix then it was SRDF, if you had a Clariion it was MirrorView and if you had a Celerra you had Celerra Replicator.  Of course if you had a Celerra with backend block enabled you probably needed Celerra Replicator and MirrorView.  Of course in place of those replication technologies you could use RecoverPoint which was the ultimate – if you could afford it.  Fun right?

MirrorView and Celerra Replicator were pretty straight forward, you license each array with the software and you’re off to the races.  No need to worry about how many TB’s of data you had nor any “crap I’m out of capacity” surprises midway through the year.  RecoverPoint on the other hand was licensed…..well…..completely the opposite of everything else.  Now I certainly understand this per TB licensing for RP, EMC is in the business of making a profit after all and there is really nothing that can compete with what RP can do.  None the less RP licensing could get expensive quickly for larger environments.

Several months ago there started to be rumblings that eventually EMC would eventually have RecoverPoint as it primary means of replication for its arrays.  That naturally generated lots of questions around how exactly that would happen and of course – how pricing would be handled.  Now that the new VNX line has been release along with the new software bundles its become much more clear.  As I have mentioned in previous blogs, RecoverPoint is now licensed per array and on top of that the pricing is very attractive.

For VNX customers all the replication technologies are bundled into one remote replication software bundle which gives you MirrorView, Celerra Replicator and RecoverPoint.  This bundle needs to be licensed on both arrays.  To take advantage of RP you still need to purchase RP Appliances at an additional cost but you don’t have to worry about how much data you are replicating.  From what I’ve seen the “max capacity” is currently 300TB which shouldn’t be a problem for most non-enterprise type accounts.

For Celerra and Clariion customers the software licensing for MirrorView and Celerra Replicator is the same as it always was but now you can license RP on a per array model.  If you already have RP (per TB) there is an upgrade path with associated discounts.  If you are adding RP, the same still holds as with VNX, you have to license both arrays and you need to buy the appliances.

So if you had considered RecoverPoint in the past but wrote it off due to costs concerns, now is a great time to revisit the product with your reseller.  Especially for the smaller arrays like the CX4-120 and NS-120, pricing is VERY reasonable.



One Response to “Finally – RecoverPoint Replication Licensing Made Simple”

  1. Andrew Miller Says:

    Do I love this change? Oh yes….I absolutely do….

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