Avamar Gen 4 Hardware Now Available

A new generation of Avamar hardware had recently been released.  Generation 4 of Avamar is now available.  There have been some significant changes with this latest generation.  Perhaps the most obvious change is the new node sizes that are available.  Avamar is now available in 1.3TB, 2.6TB, 3.9TB and 7.8TB nodes.  Nice round numbers right? J  There are a few caveats to this new node sizing however.  RAIN configs (multi-node systems)  can only be built out with the 2.9TB or 7.8TB nodes.  This is a departure from past generations of the Avamar product where RAIN configs could be built with basically any of the nodes that were available.  For mid and large size customers this probably won’t cause any issues but it may make Avamar a bit too pricey for smaller customers to get their foot in the door on Avamar.  The 1.3TB and 2.6TB as well as the two larger nodes can all still be used in single node systems just like before. 

Another change that may affect some is the death of the 1×2 configuration.  This configuration had its place in some solutions where a full RAIN was just too larger and a single node system wasn’t enough.  I don’t see this being a huge problem for most as in my experience we sold very few of this type of configuration.  On top of that, with the release of the larger nodes, a single node system can handle almost 8TB of data.

A few more minor changes that are worth noting:

  • All Gen 4 nodes now use a RAID 1 configuration internally
  • A spare node is no longer required for RAIN configuration (I’d still have one though)
  • The underlying OS is now SLES Linux instead of RHEL Linux
  • Hardware for the 1.3, 2.6 and 3.9TB nodes is the DELL R710
  • Hardware for the 7.8TB node is the DELL R510

For anyone with existing Gen 3 Avamar systems – don’t worry – the 1TB, 2TB and 3.3TB nodes are still available as upgrades for your existing systems.

Thanks for reading!


2 Responses to “Avamar Gen 4 Hardware Now Available”

  1. Aaron Russo Says:

    When you say “death of 1×2 configuration”, are you saying that they no longer support 2 node configurations where you have the capacity of 1 node, and it replicates with the 2nd node?

    • bcalfo Says:

      No. You can still replicate between two single nodes. With the Gen3 hardware there was what was referred to as a 1 x 2 configuration that had 2 storage nodes and a utility node to manage them. It basically gave you more storage space without having to go to a full RAIN configuration. That 1 x 2 configuration is no longer available with the Gen 4 hardware. With the larger nodes now available I can see why they did away with it.

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