Avamar 6.0 – Integration with DataDomain

One of the greatest features of Avamar 6.0 in my opinion has to be the integration with DataDomain.  Now Avamar owners can gain the performance and scale of DataDomain for things like large databases but still keep the simple Avamar frontend they are used to. For smaller shops with relatively small amounts of data this is probably not a great fit but for larger enterprises with volumes of databases this could be just what the doctor ordered.  No more having to have multiple backup systems in place – manage everything with Avamar.

To accomplish this blending of technologies EMC uses DD Boost.  DD Boost is now part of the Avamar client and allows Avamar to manage backup and replication of DataDomain.  Even though you can control DataDomain through the Avamar interface the DataDomain itself does not have to be dedicated to Avamar controlled backups.  The DataDomain box can still server as a backup target for other backup servers.  So if you have some legacy applications being backed up traditionally via Networker, Netbackup….. you can still route those backups to the same DataDomain box you are using with Avamar.  There are many other improvements in Avamar 6.0 so if you’re currently an Avamar customer check with EMC or your reseller to see about a code upgrade.  If you haven’t looked into deduplication for your backups yet – give Avamar and/or DataDomain a look – you won’t regret it.


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