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RecoverPoint Array Based Licensing and Multi-Site Replication

June 24, 2011

I’ve written in the past about the new licensing model for EMC RecoverPoint.  Overall the change is a welcome one in my book – simplifying licensing, any kind of licensing, is a good thing – I’m sure  Microsoft would disagree but oh well.  Something I recently ran into was with a client that needed to do cross replication between 3 sites using RecoverPoint/SE.  The situation created some questions around which RecoverPoint licenses I needed and more importantly how many of them. 

The environment was pretty straight forward, 3 EMC Celerra NS-480 arrays distributed across 3 cities with OC3 connections between them all.  All three of the sites were replicating using RecoverPoint CRR to another site basically doing cross replication.  Here’s a rough sketch of what we’re looking at:














After a few phone calls and e-mails the licensing solution basically looked like this:


          2 x RPSE CRR Array Based Licenses

          4 RecoverPoint Appliances


          2 x RPSE CRR Array Based Licenses

          4 RecoverPoint Appliances


          2 x RPSE CRR Array Based Licenses

          4 RecoverPoint Appliances

There is still a 300TB limit per array for replication which for most shops in the commercial space is never going to be a problem.  That limit can be exceeded with special approval from EMC.  Without going into too much detail, the pricing of this configuration came out significantly less with the per array licensing model than if we were to try to do it on a per TB basis, not to mention it’s just simple – set it up and forget it.

Minor Changes to Avamar Licensing

June 12, 2011

With the recent release of the latest Avamar version 6 software and then new Gen4 storage nodes also came some changes to the way the licensing is handled.  In my opinion these changes are good – especially for your budget.  This changes should affect both new adopters of Avamar and existing customers, at least when it time add capacity.

In previous versions of Avamar licensing was pretty straight forward as capacity based pricing usually is.  If you need 4TB of licensing you paid for 4TB of licensing – the kicker was replication.  If you wanted to, or in the case of a single node, were required to have replication you also had to license 4TB of capacity on your DR array or node.  This was sometimes a sore point with some customers due to the inherent cost associated with the additional licensing.  EMC recently changed this licensing model in regards to replication – but just a little.  The change is in the pricing.  The replicated capacity is now licensed at a significant discount.  Regardless of the amount of data you are backing up you can now save thousands in licensing.

The second change is really more of an addition to Avamar licensing.  With the release of Avamar version 6 you have the ability to use the Avamar interface to route certain backup jobs, like databases, to a DataDomain box.  This is a great functionality for your more structured data but it does come at a cost.  You still have to license the deduplicated capacity you plan to store on the DataDomain device.   I’m a little curious how this is going to go over with customers since now you not only have to purchase the DataDomain device but have to license it again from the Avamar side of things.  While the DataDomain capacity licensing is not as expensive as regular Avamar licensing it’s still pretty significant.

EMC for Your iPad

June 5, 2011

EMC Folio App for iPad

For those of you out there with iPad there is a new app from EMC you might want to check out.  It’s called EMC Folio and can be downloaded for free at the Apple AppStore.  So what is it?  Basically a new tool to help you keep up with what is going on with EMC.  You’ll find everything from product info, services, events and breaking news.  The app is constantly updated with new content and overall it’s a pretty cool little app.

What will you find on the Folio app today?  If you missed out on going to EMC World in Vegas there are some good highlights in the Folio app.  Everything from details about the newest “Data Scientist” summit to details on VNX, Atmos and Isilon.  If you missed EMC World 2 years ago, well there’s details and highlight from that too.  You’ll also find stuff from EMC TV covering all kind of topics.  So if you have an iPad and your responsible for anything IT that relates to the hundreds of products that EMC sells you should check out this little app.