Minor Changes to Avamar Licensing

With the recent release of the latest Avamar version 6 software and then new Gen4 storage nodes also came some changes to the way the licensing is handled.  In my opinion these changes are good – especially for your budget.  This changes should affect both new adopters of Avamar and existing customers, at least when it time add capacity.

In previous versions of Avamar licensing was pretty straight forward as capacity based pricing usually is.  If you need 4TB of licensing you paid for 4TB of licensing – the kicker was replication.  If you wanted to, or in the case of a single node, were required to have replication you also had to license 4TB of capacity on your DR array or node.  This was sometimes a sore point with some customers due to the inherent cost associated with the additional licensing.  EMC recently changed this licensing model in regards to replication – but just a little.  The change is in the pricing.  The replicated capacity is now licensed at a significant discount.  Regardless of the amount of data you are backing up you can now save thousands in licensing.

The second change is really more of an addition to Avamar licensing.  With the release of Avamar version 6 you have the ability to use the Avamar interface to route certain backup jobs, like databases, to a DataDomain box.  This is a great functionality for your more structured data but it does come at a cost.  You still have to license the deduplicated capacity you plan to store on the DataDomain device.   I’m a little curious how this is going to go over with customers since now you not only have to purchase the DataDomain device but have to license it again from the Avamar side of things.  While the DataDomain capacity licensing is not as expensive as regular Avamar licensing it’s still pretty significant.


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