vSphere 5 vRAM Entitlements Get Larger

To say the least it’s been an interesting couple of weeks in the world of VMware.  First – the big vSphere 5 announcement – Yay!  Then the realization that VMware screwed around with the licensing scheme again and added vRAM entitlements – not so Yay!  In fact, at least from the clients we’ve spoke with, most of them were straight up pissed off, and understandably so.  The screaming was so loud from the customer base that around a week later the details of the new licensing were, well, let’s say “re-evaluated”…… yeah that sounds nice.  Essentially for the Enterprise and Enterprise Plus products the vRAM entitlements were doubled and for the Standard Edition vRAM was raised from 24GB to 32GB per processor.  Truthfully this should eliminate any issues for most customers but the real question is how much damage has been done with this new vRAM brain child?

In a recent WebEx the point was made that with the new revision to vRAM entitlements something like less that 3% of existing customers will be affected.  That’s great but if that’s the case why create this new model in the first place and get everyone worked up?  On top of getting everyone worked up VMware also got many people thinking about alternatives such as HyperV and Citrix XenServer.  That can’t be a good thing.  In fact, I was hanging out with a buddy of mine just this weekend who works for Microsoft.   In his words, Microsoft is absolutely jumping for joy over this latest licensing announcement and they should be.

In my opinion VMware is still the best virtualization platform out there.  They make a great quality product and if this new version of vSphere makes them more profitable in a competitive market place -more power to them.  It just seems to me with companies like Microsoft and Citrix gaining market share and looking for ammunition – VMware just left the door wide open.  Let’s face it, price isn’t everything but in the current economy more and more people are paying closer attention to costs.

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