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More Details on Per VM Pricing for Site Recovery Manager

September 19, 2010

VMware’s recent change to a per VM pricing model for some products, particularly SRM, has certainly stirred up questions among end users.  That being the case I thought I’d take this opportunity to share some of the details I’ve gathered over the past week or so.  Hopefully this will help reduce some of the confusion.

  1. “You will benefit from the new pricing model…”  – that’s straight off the VMware website but I’ll let you decide if you think its true for your particular use case.
  2. If you’ve purchased per processor license and want to continue doing this you have until December 15, 2010 to do so.
  3. After December 15, 2010 you will only be able to purchase SRM using the Per VM model.
  4. Under the Per VM licensing model, licenses with be sold in 25 VM increments.  If you only want to protect 5 VM’s you’ll still be buying a 25 pack.
  5. License usage is based on a rolling average of the highest number of VMs in the past 12 months
  6. With SRM, any VM that is part of a protection group is counted.  This is regardless of whether the VM is turned on or not.
  7. Per VM is only supported in SRM 4.1 and newer.
  8. Per VM license keys can not be combined with per processor keys.
  9. VMware will be moving everyone to the per VM model over time.
  10. You will be able to trade-in your per processor licenses for per VM licenses.  The trade-in allocation will be 5 per VM licenses per processor license.  If you have 6 processors of SRM licensing you would receive 30 per VM licenses.  I have no idea how that plays in with the 25 packs of per VM licensing yet.

So those are some of the high points but lets take a look at a hypothetical situation from the cost perspective.  I’ll use retail pricing and assume 15 VM’s will run on a server with 2 processors.

Per Processor Model:

License Per Proc          $1,750

Production Support   $438

Total                               $2,188 x 2 procs = $4,376

Per VM Model

License for 25 VMs     $11,250

Production Support    $2,813

Total                                $14,063

Lets take a vSphere farm now with 3 Hosts, each with 2 processors.  Under my previous assumption that would be 6 processors with the capability to run 45 VMs (15 per host x 3 hosts).  Now lets look at the pricing comparisons:

Per Processor Model:

Licensing/Support Cost    $4,376 x 3 = $13,128

Max Number of VMs protected   45

Cost per Protected VM  $291 per VM

Cost per Protected VM assuming only 25 VM’s are protected = $525 per VM

Per VM Model:

Licensing/Support Cost   $14,063

Max Number of VMs protected  25

Cost per Protected VM   $562 per VM

Total Cost to protect 45 VM’s   $28,126

So is there a breakeven point?  Maybe, it just depends on the consolidation numbers you can achieve.  I suspect however that most people will not “benefit from the new pricing model”.  At the end of the day, unfortunately, all the calculations in the world won’t change the fact that you eventually will end up with per VM pricing for SRM whether you like it or not.

If you want more details you can view the official VMware details here: