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New EMC VNX Changes Software Licensing Model

January 25, 2011

The new recently revealed EMC VNX line of storage arrays was a big deal for EMC and storage in general.  Essentially the replacement for both the Clariion and the Celerra storage lines, VNX carries over some things from it’s predecessors but also makes some welcome changes.  In particular I’m talking about software licensing.  Anyone who’s ever dealt with purchasing or configuring an EMC array know’s what a challenge it can be at times.  Well EMC must have heard the screaming, and in my opinion, they have just made life easier for a lot of people.

For the most part all of the software and tools that were available on the Clariion and Celerra lines are all still available.  The differences are in how they’re “packaged”, how they’re licensed…. and most importantly how much less they cost.  The easiest way to do this is going to be to just list everything out….. so here you go:

VNX Software Options

Base Software (comes with every array whether you want it or not)

  • Unisphere Manager, Compression (File), De-Duplication (File), Virtual Provisioning

Additional Base Software

  • VNXe 3100 – Snaps
  • VNXe3300 and VNX – Compression (Block), SAN Copy

FAST Suite

  • VNXe – n/a
  • VNX – FAST VP, FAST Cache, Unisphere Analyser, Unispher QoS

Security and Compliance Suite

  • VNXe – VEE, File Level Reporter
  • VNX – VEE, FLR, VNX Host Encryption

Local Protection Suite

  • VNXe – Snap
  • VNX – SnapView, SnapSure, RecoverPoint/SE (CDP)*

*ALL RecoverPoint/SE now licensed Per Array!!!  –  FINALLY

Remote Protection Suite

  • VNXe – Replicator
  • VNX – MirrorView, Replicator, RecoverPoint/SE (CRR)

Application Protection Suite

  • VNXe – Replication Manager
  • VNX – Replication Manager, Data Protection Advisor for Replication

*Replication Manager now licensed per Array!!!! – No more worrying about the # of host and high costs

Total Protection Pack Suite

  • VNXe 3100 – n/a
  • VNXe3300 and VNX – Local Protection Suite, Remote Protection Suite, Application Protection Suite

Total Efficiency Pack Suite

  • VNXe- n/a
  • VNX – All suites

Total Value Pack Suite

  • VNXe – all 3 VNXe suites
  • VNX5100 – Protection Pack + Security and Compliance Suite

As you can see there is still a lot to choose from but the change to “per array” licensing and significant cost reductions across the board are going to make these arrays very viable for a larger segment of the market.  If you’re in the market for a new storage array you’ll be doing yourself a disservice by not at least taking a good look at what EMC has to offer……especially the “EMC is just too expensive” crowd.